Wednesday, December 12, 2001

The Photography Gallery - The Stutz Business Center - Dec. 12, 2001 - 3 stars

Seven Stutz artists show their stuff, a confetti finale, at the gallery which has relocated to Mass. Ave. The varied (textile, bronze and painted) art pieces work well together. One artist's work doesn't overwhelm another's as the spacious gallery gives even the largest color splashes of Stutz standards such as Mecklin, Darrell and the many very different and design heavy painted mannequin forms by Brooks equal quality wall time. Technically graceful with overlapping, subtle layers of fabric acting like paint, Rebecca Lyons' fabric art is effective, conceptually intelligent and a pleasure to view. Through Dec. 21, 2001; 317-972-1981. -Mary Lee Pappas

Wednesday, December 05, 2001

Night Vision - Utrillo's Art – Dec. 5, 2001 – 3 1/2 stars

No other art space in the city is as authentically and honestly eclectic - really and truly - as Greg Brown's Utrillo's. "Outsider" art in the paint-by-numbers variety and new to antique frame sales (a must stop shop for starving artists) in addition to Brown's own work (far from naive) are what's found during the daylight hours. After dark, his interchangeable, vaguely Gothic, comforting, stained glass-looking painted panels fill the storefront space ceiling to floor, and are illuminated to create an ethereal holiday display, best viewed from the "X" marked on the sidewalk across the street. Drive by and jump out of your car for a minute to enjoy Brown’s work, which is part of an infinite series joy-filled, humble and somewhat spiritual paintings titled The Kingdom of Heaven is like the Psychological Realm. Through Dec. 29, 2001; 317-684-9883. – Mary Lee Pappas

Holiday One Piece Show – Dean Johnson – Dec. 5, 2001 – 2 stars

This variety show needs more cayenne in its jumbled gumbo. The sculpted cherry wood chair and blanket, "Bull Legged Boy," by Natasha Young was of exceptional quality making the pieces that didn't hit her high notes look tone deaf. Though pieces don't adhere to a theme in the sharp gallery space that could make potato sacks look like fine art, there is an unsettling randomness in the overall display that doesn't enhance the quality or beauty of some individually great pieces. Through Jan. 3, 2002; 317-634-8020. - Mary Lee Pappas