Tuesday, February 19, 2008

MLP's art critiques from NUVO

This blog archive contains...

220 art criticisms spanning February 2001 through September 2005 representing...
- Over 100 venues (from coffee shops to museums)
- Over 160 artists
- Over 63 group shows

There are still approx. 100 that have yet to be posted. God only knows when I will find the time to scan and post everything.

This blog is an archive of predominantly short, evaluative, art critiques I've written for NUVO, the Indianapolis, Indiana, local weekly alternative newspaper.

A five star rating system applied to most all of my reviews is used to gauge the quality of exhibitions reviewed.

Here's what the stars indicate:

1 star: life’s too short
2 stars: not bad, needs some work
3 stars: good job
4 stars: excellent!
5 stars: life-altering experience

Please excuse the misspellings here and there as I've had to scan and transcribe the hard copy texts. They are searchable show titles, featured artists, critique publish date, and star ratings all found in the titles. Exhibition imagery accompanies most critiques. Feel free to forward me show imagery via email or as a comment.