Wednesday, December 10, 2003

Tis the Season Art Market – NCAA Hall of Champions – Dec. 10, 2003 – 3 stars

Dec. 5-6. This Indianapolis Art Center fund-raiser, the first ever winter "art fair," was not a total success for the 60 selected participating artists. Booths were assembled in the grand hall and the inner sanctums of the NCAA facility for the two-day event. The indoor environment was quite pleasant, calm and unfortunately slow, though the IAC employees and volunteers hustled and accommodated the artists no differently than if it were the annual May fair. Perhaps the local TV meteorologists scared potential arts patrons away with their snowstorm predictions (or were their forecasts performance art?). Or, maybe potential audiences had as much difficulty locating the NCAA as some of the artists did. Whatever the case, as with the May art fair of 2003, the public missed out on a top-notch show. Renew your membership to the IAC today!; 317-255-2464. – Mary Lee Pappas

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