Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Kawabata and Flory - Photography Gallery - July 28, 2004 - 2 stars

Both artists present artistic endeavors in digital technology. And where better to present works executed in this new media than the Photography Gallery. Eight drab black/white small works by Kawabata line the east wall of this tiny space. Dreary images that border on the sublime, they seem to probe forms as if to convince that they are of some crucial importance not unlike so many imaginary artists' world themes seen often in contemporary art. Flory combines paint and digital media in her blocky images, of which there are five same images on view. To understand this work is to understand how digital "new" media fits into the development and adaptation of art and the new materials by which artists express themselves and their ideas. As far as these two artists go, their explorations into this realm are pretty safe - with mediocre results. Through July 31, 2004; 423-9237. –Mary Lee Pappas

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