Saturday, July 21, 2001

Frank Glover - Durwyn Smedley's - July 21, 2001 - 3 stars

Closed July 4. The "Window series," four acrylic on paper energetic astracts by local jazz clarinet great Frank Glover, hang clumsily by clear plastic pushpins in a little corner under two distracting shelves and above some antique knick knacks. Local galleries should be vying to represent this multitalented artist. His work complements and is a colorful and quiet einb-~diment of his music. The influence of his friend, local master Lois Templeton, obvious. Their art style, smooth suriz~ces ai)d colors, is strikingly alike. Cool golden and dirty blue hues are scratched with black charcoal into unintelligible scribble script. The improvisational motions evoke a feeling of quietioie de vivre and soul. This venue is not appropriate for such beautiful work. -Mary Lee Pappas

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connie zeigler said...

As the former owner of Durwyn Smedley I feel compelled to say how unfortunate it is that you would choose to post this disrespectful "art review" on your blog. It was bad enough that you published it.

Had you bothered to talk to me the day you did your undercover art review of Frank's work you would have learned that Frank's wife had asked me the night before I was scheduled to open the show of another artist's work if I'd hang Frank's first paintings up to see what sort of response he would get. Christine, Frank's wife, said, "they aren't framed and Frank doesn't know if they are good. Could we just put them up with push pins to see what people say?" Perhaps I should apologize to you for hanging them in my offensive ANTIQUES shop where I had antique knick knacks about. But, after all, antique knick knacks were what I did. Putting up Frank's paintings was both a favor to him and an honor for me. Now, I no longer have that little shop, but I feel fondly toward it and hate to see something so underhanded in print about it.