Wednesday, August 27, 2003

79th Annual Hoosier Salon Exhibition – Indiana State Museum – Aug. 27, 2003 – 4 stars

The 187 works of art hung salon style in the gallery space look great. The variety of quality art by skilled Indiana artisans gets better every year. Indiana landscape and livestock images are abundant, but the selection of portraits are the real stand-outs. Judy Crawford's “Shimmer," a merit award winner, got my vote for popular prize. The soft feeling and gold leaf portrait of a girl in a lavender swimsuit and turquoise swim cap is lush with jewel tones. The handling of her face is beautiful. Pat Cotton's Matisse-like "Ipswich," a purchase award winner, features a woman wearing blue against a patterned yellow background. It is lively and rich next to its nearby works though its primary colors are slightly muddied. And the most remarkable painting of all is "Figure with Blue Background" by Lorraine Sack How does she do it? The model is eerily lifelike even at a distance of less than a foot. It's worth a visit to cast your own vote for popular prize, Through Sept. 21, 2003. 317-232-1637 - Mary Lee Pappas

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