Wednesday, August 13, 2003

Mike Johnson - Hubbard and Cravens – Aug. 13, 2003 – 2 stars

Some of Johnson's landscapes look stiff and uncomfortably executed. "Prairie Sunset" just misses its mark. Though the colors are rich with hot reds, there is awkwardness and a little incongruence to the barn on the horizon and the hills. On the other hand, "Hay Bales" dramatically portrays sun seeping through a dark ominous and white cumulous clouded sky to illuminate the subject matter. The flat yellow of the gold frame is a perfect match to pick up the golden lit bales. Capturing color and atmosphere are Johnson's strengths, though his work technically falls short of that found around the corner at Lucas and also when compared to the collection of talented plein air artists found locally. Through August, 2003; 317-251-516 1, - Mary Lee Pappas

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