Wednesday, August 13, 2003

“A Mother and Son Paint" Bertie David and Douglas David – Hoosier Salon – Aug. 13, 2003 – 3 stars

If the David clan had a coat of arms it would bear heraldic bushy peony blossoms and their signature color, powder puff blue. This show is, quite literally, like mother like son in terms of color and topic. Bertie, an accomplished china painter, gingerly layers colors upon one another between firings to create romantic imagery on porcelain and small canvases reminiscent of this style of work from 100 years ago. The overall effect is precise, decorative and flowery. It's simply beautiful on three large German porcelain vases adorned with peonies, hydrangea and wisteria. Douglas, being his mother's painting progeny, seems to have inherited his mother's delicate palette of cool kelly greens, bluey-lavenders and very pale orange and yellows. Unlike his mother, his "Sunset's Passing" is executed with easy, loose, smooth strokes that push some of his work into the sublime. Florals and landscapes fill the Salon. Through Aug. 23, 2003; 317-253-5340. -Mary Lee Pappas

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