Wednesday, August 13, 2003

“Endangered Species” - Wire Soul Gallery – Aug. 13, 2003 – 1 1/2 stars

Artist William Arnold is a homespun naturalist whipping up life-sized animal likenesses out of old heavy-duty wire. There is no getting around that this man loves animals and what he does. They are crafty backyard art with prices ranging from $7,500 for a bison (the Indianapolis Zoo has one) to $30 for a hummingbird. Tag on an additional fee for a paint job. Though he recreates animals on order, each is somehow one of a kind, complete with its own certificate of authenticity. 1-70 rest areas in the state and Gas America Travel Plaza in Knightstown can boast Arnold art, too. The Wire Soul space is shabby (a little too a la natural) and not quite as nice as Tim and Avi’s Salvage, only without the salvage. The waterfall and caged raven are pretty cool. Though it hardly looks like a suitable space to do his work justice, it doesn't seem to be hurting his sales. His love of wildlife extends to the Wire Soul "yard," which may be the closest thing to a prairie downtown has (outside of the NE corner of 16th and Central) with its Queen Anne's Lace. At the time of my visit, several hundred sparrows were enjoying it with their pigeon friends. Through Sept 30, 2003; 317-236-9473, - Mary Lee Pappas

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